A pair of hand forged rustic iron mantel bracket, Decorative fireplace mantle strap, Farmhouse barn beam metal accent decor

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A pair of Hand-Forged Iron Brackets with 4 Handcrafted Bronze Nails for Your Mantels and Barn Beams

Product Description:

Create the perfect ambiance for yourself with Rustic Fireplace Mantel and rustic barn beam straps, designed to complement your fireplace at farmhouse. Each of these iron brackets, individually crafted in our workshop, offers an elegant weathered and rustic appearance. Additionally, we're including 4 handcrafted bronze nails for an extra special touch.


- Hand-Forged Iron: Each bracket is made from expertly shaped and forged iron, providing quality and durability. The iron thickness is 1/5 inches.
- Two Color Options: Available in two stunning color options - black and copper finish - to perfectly complement your fireplace area.
- Customizable Dimensions: With options for 2, 3 or 4 inches in width, and 4, 5, 6 or 8 inches in height and depth, personalize your mantle or beam to suit your preferences.
- We can customize according to specific dimensions. If you want a custom size, please choose the next option we offer and message the size you want.
- Please contact us for your different personalized orders.

Note: Wooden fireplace mantel is sold separately, and this listing is for the iron bracket and 4 handcrafted bronze nails. If you'd like to purchase the mantel along with the straps, click now!


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